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Success Stories

AUTO21 is developing the knowledge, technologies and people for Canada's automotive sector.

Pursuing Pathways to Powder Metallurgy - Dr. Gilles L'Espérance, École Polytechnique de Montréal

Adding Silicon Where the Rubber Hits the Road - Dr. Walied Moussa, University of Alberta

Cracking Whiplash  - Dr. Douglas Romilly, University of British Columbia

Teaching Magnesium Some Electrochemical Manners - Dr. Steven Thorpe, University of Toronto

Helping Canada Grow its Bio-economy - Dr. Manju Misra, University of Guelph

Call for Help - Dr. Mark Asbridge, Dalhousie University

Connecting Safely - Dr. Soumaya Cherkaoui, Université de Sherbrooke

Sending a Message About Texting and Driving - Dr. Jeff Caird, University of Calgary

Collaborating with Indigenous Communities - Dr. Brent Angell, University of Windsor

Fueling the Future with Cleaner Technology - Dr. Jim Wallace, University of Toronto

Going Wireless -  Dr. Xianbin Wang, Dr. Weiming Shen, Western University

The Route to Driving Green - Dr. Andrew Jardine, University of Toronto

Turning the Tables: HQP Alum Becomes Industry Partner - Dr. Philippe Beaulieu, École Polytechnique 

An Organic Approach to Corrosion - Dr. Randy Irvin, University of Alberta

Apples to Apples: Comparing Energy Use - Dr. Heather MacLean, University of Toronto

A smarter way to reduce weight - Dr. Ibraheem Khan & Dr. Norman Zhou, University of Waterloo

Caring for those who care for us - Dr. Jeff Caird, University of Calgary

Improved steel demands improved welding - Dr. Daolun Chen, Ryerson University

A growing magnetic field - Dr. Pragasen Pillay, Concordia University

Students showcase Canada's automotive innovation

Casting and Chill'n - Dr. Daan Maijer, University of British Columbia

Immobilizing drunk drivers - Dr. Eihab Abdel-Rahman, University of Waterloo

Partnership Weaves Success - MAHLE

Preventing a persistent pain in the neck - Marc White, University of British Columbia

Keeping the underside of trucks off limits - Dr. Moustafa El-Gindy, University of Ontario Institute of Technology

Inviting Aboriginal communities to address vehicular injuries - Dr. Brent Angell, University of Windsor

Improving natural gas engines with hydrogen - Dr. Steven Rogak, University of British Columbia

Using aluminum to improve zinc-coated welds - Dr. Norman Zhou, University of Waterloo

A Clear Audio Alternative: Using glass exciter technologies to replace a subwoofer with a vehicle’s windshield – Dr. Colin Novak, University of Windsor

A Closer Look at Energy Storage in Lithium Ion Batteries – Dr Gillian Goward, McMaster University

Adding Fuel to Lifecycle Research – Dr. Heather MacLean, University of Toronto

Biodiesel: Making a clean fuel all the cleaner - Dr. Nasser Ashgriz, University of Toronto

Building Bridges Between “Islands of Automation”: Wireless sensor networks for factory automation – Dr. Jonathan Wu, University of Windsor

Combustible Components: Biofibres for automotive parts – Dr. Mohini Sain, University of Toronto

Ergonomics Enjoys a New Posture: Studying methods to improve workplace health through ergonomics – Dr. Jim Potvin, McMaster University

Frontiers of Foam: Microcellular foaming for automotive applications – Dr. Chul Park, University of Toronto

Hybrid Vehicles Offer Utilities a Charge – Dr. Greg Rohrauer, University of Ontario Institute of Technology

Improved Electrical Connectors for Smart and Hybrid Vehicles – Dr. Wai Tung Ng, University of Toronto

Improving Inspection Improves Bottom Line: QVision, an automated parts inspection program – Dr. Brian Surgenor, Queen’s University

Magnesium Light-weight Sound Package for Interior Vehicle Parts - Dr. Noureddine Atalla, Université de Sherbrooke

New Lessons for the School of Hard NOx: Enhancing catalytic converters – Dr. Robert Hayes, University of Alberta

Second Set of Eyes to Make Roads Safer: RoadLAB, an advanced Driving Assistance System to minimize driver error – Dr. Steve Beauchemin, University of Western Ontario

Studying Driver Attention Throughout a Lifetime – Dr. Lana Trick, University of Guelph

Unraveling the Roots of Car Crime: A look at the social and cultural dimensions of automobile theft – Dr. Rick Linden, University of Manitoba