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Media Releases

Media Releases:
May 25, 2015: Canada’s automotive R&D powerhouse celebrates 14-year life span

December 3, 2014: Students respond to stringent fuel economy standards and vehicle safety requirements with new automotive technologies 

May 28, 2014: Biocomposite research recognized in national automotive R&D competition

December 4, 2013: New automotive technology helps University of British Columbia
student clinch first place in a national R&D competition

May 23, 2013: University Students Showcase Canada’s Automotive Innovation Success

May 16, 2013: AUTO21 Conference Advisory

December 4, 2012: AUTO21 Brings Automotive to Aerospace

May 31, 2012: University Students Illustrate What's in Store for Canada's Automotive Future

May 29, 2012: Canada's Automotive Research Community Receives Direct Injection of $22 Million in Project Funding

March 20, 2012: Statement on the Government of Canada Automotive Investment

February 1, 2012: University of Toronto Student gets a Financial Boost by Clinching the Top Spot in a National Automotive R&D Competition

September 12, 2011: Government of Canada takes action on child road and traffic safety

June 1, 2011: Buckled-Up Better: New Study Shows More Parents are Using Child and Booster Seats Properly

May 27, 2011: Queen’s University Students Develop New Automotive Technology

May 17, 2011: Canada’s Automotive Research Community Gathers in Ottawa to Celebrate Ten Years of Achievements

April 20, 2011: New Research and Development Program Helps Canadian Companies Compete Globally

November 24, 2010: Innovative Technology Earns Queen’s University Student top Honour in National Automotive Competition

October 26, 2010: Investing in Automotive Research and Development Pays Off for Canada

February 2, 2010: Developing Innovative Automotive Technologies Gives University of Windsor Student a Financial Boost

May 28, 2009: University of Calgary Student Team Celebrated for Innovative Automotive Research

May 21, 2009: Canadian Universities Help Advance Automotive Research and Development

March 12, 2009: AUTO21: Strengthening Canada’s Auto Industry through Advanced Research & Innovation

September 4, 2008: Automotive Research to Become More Global

June 4, 2008: University of Sherbrooke Student Team Praised for Innovative Automotive Research

June 3, 2008: AUTO21 and Partners Invest $20 Million to Increase Canada’s Automotive Research Capabilities

March 25, 2008: AUTO21 Applauds Efforts to Keep Canadian Children Safer